Listen to a Subscriber Talk about His CTC Website
During a Back Doctors Podcast episode, Dr. Matt Alexander discusses with Dr. Michael Johnson how his website is so informative for chiropractic patients.
SSL Certificates Added
Cirrus ABS is adding SSL certificates to all Cox Technic Complete websites to meet Google requirements and enhance ranking.
Mobile Websites!
Cox Technic Complete websites are now mobile-friendly!
Dr. James Cox Podcasts Just for You!
Dr. James Cox shares the most exciting spine care ideas with you in a podcast. Cox Technic Complete subscribers get it as part of the program!
CTC Works!
Cox Technic Complete websites work in that chiropractic patient visitors come to the site organically and stay for longer visits.
Up-to-the-Moment Back Pain Research
Cox Technic Complete delivers the most current back pain and neck pain research details to help spine pain sufferers.
Facebook Page for Cox Technic Complete
Check out the latest in news from Cox Technic Complete on Facebook!
Nutrition News Chiropractic Patients Can Use
Check out the latest nutrition article written for chiropractic patients to use in their daily lives, fresh from their local chiropractic physician's website.
Fresh Chiropractic Content for SEO
Cox Technic Complete provides fresh content weekly to keep the chiropractic physician's website up to date and search engine optimized! Subscribe today!
Patient Education Included
The Cox Technic Complete program includes patient education to download and use in your chiropractic office. It's truly more than just a chiropractic website!
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