Frequent Questions

How many doctors can we add to the site?

You may add any number of doctors to your Cox Technic Complete® chiropractic website program you want.
If only one doctor is signed up, he or she is the doctor of record and has access to all of the program features. More doctors may be added to the program to gain access to all of the features. 
Each additional doctor added reduces the price of each individual doctor on this chiropractic website program:
  • 1 doctor - $225
  • 2 doctors - $325 ($162.50 each)
  • 3 doctors - $425 ($141.67 each)
  • 4 doctors - $525 ($131.25 each)
  • etc. 
Each additional doctor will have access to all the features of the chiropractic website program like:
We look forward to working with all of your doctors in this chiropractic website program!