Frequent Questions

What services and support come with COX TECHNIC COMPLETE® every month?

We at COX® TECHNIC COMPLETE will provide you with ...
  • a powerful website featuring your practice's branding as well as content we create (and you can easily add to, if you want)
  • comprehensive Cox® practice support
  • discounted Cox® training & certification opportunities (for the doctor-of-record/subscriber only not the whole practice - If a 2 doctor practice, the subscription would be for 2 doctors and the discount would apply for 2 doctors.)
  • and a host of sophisticated, pre-prepared Cox® marketing tools.

We sell COX TECHNIC COMPLETE® as a monthly service so you can better afford the technology and it never becomes obsolete. Take a close look at all its features and you'll see: no other chiropractic marketing program offers so much help in promoting your skills, boosting referrals, and growing your practice!