Look at All the Online and Offline Marketing Support You Get for Just $200 a month:

This is the heart of your COX TECHNIC COMPLETE™ solution - a brand-new, professionally designed, easy-to-manage website that features
  • Your branding—your name, your logo & information specific to your practice alone
  • Professional content prepared for you & regularly updated by COX TECHNIC COMPLETE™
  • The ability to add your own content with incredible speed & ease - whenever & wherever you want - thanks to simple but powerful website management tools
  • Unlimited pages to develop the Web content you need to build your patient base - and your patients’ confidence
  • Built-in social networking tools to market your practice via today's popular online social media
  • Real-time Web statistics to show how well your website's performing
  • Search engine visibility tools & instruction to make sure people looking online for chiropractic care find you
  • Ongoing support & instruction from a U.S.-based team of Web experts.
  • A personalized, authoritative backlinking page for certified Cox Technic physicians who subscribe to CTC from the referral directory at www.coxtechnic.com/physicians.aspx
Besides all of this you also get:

Cox® Practice Support

Cox® Training & Certification

Advanced Cox® Marketing Tools

  • Pre-formatted Office Forms: Examination, Re-Exam, Intake, History, Subjective Questionnaires, Short-term/Long-term Goals, Daily Tracking Sheet (a $250 value)
  • Business Forms Ready for Your Branding: Design-coordinated Letterhead/Envelopes/ Business Cards 
  • Patient Education Information Sheets & White Papers (Print them out instead of purchasing them.)
  • “Cox® Back School” Community Presentations in Both a PowerPoint & Video Format (a $299 value)
  • Clinical Nutrition Charts (Also Available in PDF Format for Downloading from Your Website)
  • Colleague Education & Communication Tools - PowerPoint Presentations , Patient Care Resource Form Downloads (a $598 value)
  • Exercise Instruction Sheets Complementing Dr. Cox’s Online Exercise Programs (print instead of ordering prints - invaluable)
  • Discounted Cox® Certification Courses (25% off - certified CTC subscribers also get the additional 15% off for being certified)
  • Cox® Research Pearls - Free Subscription to a Monthly Publication Offering Dr. Cox’s Summaries of the Latest Spine Literature (a $95 value)
  • “Dr. Cox PODCASTS …” via Download Portal (a $250 value)
  • Online Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Social Marketing Tools & Support
  • Access to Produced :30 TV & Radio Spots (a $750 value)
  • Newspaper Ads ($810 value)
  • Magazine Ads ($1530 value)
  • File of Ready-to-Brand & Print Topic-oriented Postcards (a $2655 value)
  • File of Ready-to-Print Cox®Technic Information Sheets and the 50% Rule page (exclusive for CTC doctors)
  • Various Commonly Issued Press Releases for Newspaper, Web, Email & Patient Distribution (exclusive for CTC doctors)
  • Patient-oriented eNewsletters w/Content Created by Cox® & Branded for Your Practice & sent to your patients for you (exclusive for CTC doctors - $1000 value)
BONUS: a personalized practice page for certified Cox Technic CTC subscribers (a $375 value)

For further details, contact COX TECHNIC COMPLETE™ today.