2-for-1 Chiropractic Website Program
Everyone looks for a bargain. And who can blame them?! How about a 2-for-1 offer? Cox Technic Complete has a great one! A chiropractic website program that brings you patients and keeps them engaged in their care.  This chiropractic website program... 
  1. Gets you chiropractic patients.
    • Search engine optimized (SEO) content helps your website be seen by Google and Bing and Yahoo and other search engines by virtue of its organic content. No games. No funky backlink programs. The content is based on Cox Technic Research Pearls gathered by Dr. James M. Cox. They are then written in lay language with just enough excitement and positiveness to encourage back pain, neck pain, leg pain and arm pain patients to see the chiropractic physician who presents this type of well-documented content.
  2. Keeps your back pain patients engaged and on target with their chiropractic treatment plan.
    • The patients turn to your website for exercises and their videos, at-home care tips, information about their spinal conditions (complete with descriptions, videos, animations, case reports that show them that their condition can be handled, and/or pictures), and much more. The more time your visitors spend with your chiropractic website, the more they learn about you and what you do.
Both of these elements increase the time visitors spend on your chiropractic website is a positive for search engine optimization and increases time on your chiropractic website is a positive for your doctor/patient bond. The more your patients know about your and your care, the better.
So check out the features of the Cox Technic Complete program. Find out how this 2-for-1 chiropractic website program can help your Cox Technic Flexion Distraction practice.