5-in-1 Chiropractic Website Program
Being a chiropractor is a full time job. You do it all! You care for back pain patients and manage an office: the staff, the insurance billing, the supplies, the accounting, and so much more. And today, you have to be online with a website and social media. You have to keep your online content fresh. You need to have information to feed the social media outlets. That's where the Cox Technic Complete (CTC) program comes into play.
CTC offers you 5 tools in 1 program to run your practice:
  1. downloadable FORMS (exams, patient education, public speaking powerpoints, videos and more)
  2. discounts for continuing education SEMINARS
  3. discounts for watchable-at-home WEBINARS
  4. PATIENT EMAIL NEWSLETTERS sent automatically on your behalf
  5. an SEO (search engine optimized) chiropractic WEBSITE that gets and retains patients
The Cox Technic Complete chiropractic website program is quickly set up and effectively populated with articles each week that are current (and even sometimes ahead of publication!). You can use this information to make a comment on your Facebook page or your Twitter account and link back to your chiropractic website.
Your patients are assured in each article that you are the chiropractic physician who is the back pain specialist to trust with their spine pain relief. Each page has several calls to action and contact information opportunities.
With Cox Technic and Cirrus ABS, online professionals, as your partners via the Cox Technic Complete chiropractic website program, you are set to get the attention of local back pain and neck pain patients who are seeking your evidence-based and clinically effective form of care.
Contact us today for a personal tour of the program or watch this demonstration video by Matt Nickols, president of Cirrus. Sign up today! We look forward to being your chiropractic website partner.