80% of Online Americans Search for Health Info
Americans love the internet!  Doing searches using search engines and checking email are the most common activities, but number 3 is looking for health information. 80% of online Americans (59% of the US population) search for health information.
What are they searching for?
1 - information on a specific health-related topic
2 - a particular disease or medical problem (66%)
3 - specific treatments or procedures (50%)
Why are they searching for health information? 
50% are searching online for someone else.
Who is searching?
70% of online searchers are currently caring for a loved one.
How does the online search for health information influence the searcher?
Information they find that helps them connect with others and gives them them tools and education to deal with the health concern allows the information provider the opportunity to gain the searcher's trust and hold their interest.
Does your website allow all of this?
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