Cox Technic Complete Gets Its Subscribers into Cox Seminars for a Discount
Someone once said: "The knowledge acquiring period begins upon graduation from college..."

We have all experienced the relief to be "done" with school. The diploma is on the wall.  The years of learning and training are behind...but are they really?

Chiropractic school is full of learning chiropractic techniques. There are hundreds of them. In practice, the chiropractic physician usually focuses on one or two or a handful to be good at each one in its turn. But it's one thing to say you "do" a technique, it's another to stay on top of the technique's latest research and applications. Cox Technic Complete wants you to keep up with Cox Technic and its research and evolving protocols as the research is done.

Cox Technic Complete offers a 25% seminar discount to its subscribers.

Cox Technic seminars are held around the country for your ease of access. Join a Cox Seminar to see just how much has evolved over the past nearly 50 years in evidence and clinical application. You'll likely agree that the knowledge acquiring period truly does begin upon graduation from college.