Dr. James Cox Podcasts Just for You!
Cox Technic Complete program includes monthly audio discussions, podcasts, from Dr. James Cox about the last month's most pertinent spine care information and details. He sits with his professional microphone and talks and shares his excitement for all that was found new in spine research last month as well as all that was found to support what is already known in spine care. He puts it all together for you! Cox Technic Complete subscribers can simply download the MP3 file to their phone, computer, laptop of their choice and listen in. Some may take a walk with Dr. Cox. Some may have lunch with Dr. Cox. Some may enjoy the drive to practice and be inspired each morning as Dr. Cox talks about what they will encounter that day in their spine care practices. 
Cox Technic Complete is not simply a chiropractic website. It is a program that includes so much more than just a personalized, professionally styled chiropractic website. It includes valuable content for subscribers to use in daily practice like the audio podcasts of spine care research as well as patient newsletters sent directly to patients, postcards, exam forms, exercise forms, videos of treatment demonstration, weekly updated and search-engine-optimized chiropractic content with keywords like back pain, leg pain, neck pain, arm pain and chiropractic. Cox Technic Complete is a complete chiropractic program for the back pain specialist wanting to reach local back pain patients who are searching for evidence-based care to help them find relief of their back pain.
Sign up for Cox Technic Complete today. Listen to Dr. Cox. Share the information with your patients. Improve your clinical outcomes.