Dr. James Cox's Audio Discussion of February's Published Spinal Research Now Available Exclusively to CTC Subscribers
The administration panel for Cox Technic Complete subscribers is much more than a portal to adding and changing website content and pages. It is a way to get information directly from Dr. James M. Cox, the founder of Cox Technic, and have access to materials used in Cox Technic practices as well as back pain research as it pertains to Cox Technic.
For example, this month in addition to uploading a copy of the COX RESEARCH PEARLS which was 77 pages worth of material - published medical and chiropractic spinal research - to the admin's resource section, Dr. Cox recorded and audio presentation some of his insights regarding this research and how it impacts the daily chiropractic practice and Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression application. If you have ever listened to Dr. Cox, you know how deftly he weaves the research findings into practicality. In 15 minutes, Dr. Cox discusses the newest findings and relates them to established findings, all in an effort to share meaningful ways to better help the chiropractic patient seeking spine pain relief.
Cox Technic Complete® is a complete marketing and practice program for those chiropractic physicians using flexion-distraction Cox Technic protocols. Its resource tools from Cox Technic are invaluable and its marketing tools via the online website you make your own, Cox Technic Complete is the back pain relieving chiropractor's tool to letting the world know what he or she can do to relieve back pain as a back pain relief specialist. Cox Technic Complete differentiates the Cox Technic practice from other chiropractic practices for the back pain relief-seeking public who wants to know. Cox Technic Complete is the chiropractic marketing program optimized to elevate your practice online and offline, to show your community the research and federally funded clinical outcomes possible with Cox Technic.
Watch a video description of Cox Technic Complete's offerings at, then call 1-800-441-5571 (Julie) or 260-443-7904 (Angie) for a personal tour of the Cox Technic Complete program.