Free Webinar: Cox Technic Complete Resources Go Beyond A Website - August 4
The Cox Technic Complete program has a chiropractic website full of chiropractic content, but the program goes beyond just the website. The CTC program offers the spinal pain relief chiropractor resources to educate the public, the patients and him/herself on the latest in spinal research and chiropractic ability.
In just a short half hour free presentation, Julie Cox-Cid will share how to access and implement the materials available to the Cox Technic Complete program subscriber. Just a few of the chiropractic resources to be shared are
  • powerpoint® presentations
  • postcard files
  • newspaper ad files
  • Cox Research Pearls - summaries of published spinal research
  • Dr. Cox Talks - audio presentations by Dr. James Cox
  • exercise forms
  • exam forms
  • much more...
Join Julie on Thursday, August 4, 2011, at 11am EST. for more details about this chiropractic website program geared to the doctor who treats back pain, neck pain, and related spinal and musculoskeletal conditions.