Inspire Confidence in Your Patients About Your Chiropractic Skill
Cox Technic Complete is the chiropractic website vehicle for you to inspire confidence in your patient population - current and future - that you understand back and neck pain and have proven protocols to help them.
Today's back pain patient is computer savvy and searching for you online. Once they find you, they want to be inspired, impressed, wow'd by what you share with them. From the interactive quizzes they can take to find possible reasons for their pain and your treatment to relieve it to the actual condition pages which are full of research-documented, evidence-based descriptions and discussions, your Cox Technic Complete website will draw the back pain, computer-savvy, internet searching patients to want your care.
Nearly 48 spinal condition pages are included in Cox Technic Complete. With Dr. James Cox's input, condition pages include
  • explanations a back pain patient understands
  • videos of a sample chiropractic examinations
  • 3D animations of chiropractic Cox Technic flexion distraction and decompression effects
  • 2D graphics in full color and labelled for ease of understanding
  • videos of treatment protocols
  • hyperlinked references to medical and chiropractic published articles about the condition
  • case reports from actual clinical chiropractic practices sharing outcomes
From the interactive quizzes to the condition pages and references, your Cox Technic Complete website will inspire confidence in your knowledge of the spine and your protocols to relieve pain.
Contact Cox Technic Complete's Angie (260-443-7904 or Julie (260-637-6609 for a personal tour of the website feature of the Cox Technic Complete program.