New Audio Discussion of Osteoporosis Just for CTC Subscribers
Osteoporosis afflicts many patients. In this audio talk, Dr. James Cox offers some of the latest findings on its management in the chiropractic office with nutrition and education.
Directly from his research study, Dr. James Cox discusses osteoporosis and some of the latest research findings on its management, care and nutrition for the subscribers of Cox Technic Complete.
As he does with all his audio presentations for Cox Technic Complete, Dr. James Cox starts the discussion with some eye-opening statistics about osteoporosis' serious effects on osteoporosis sufferers' health. The death rate from fractures due to osteoporosis can make one want to take care of one's osteoporosis!
Dr. Cox points out that men are often overlooked when discussing osteoporosis, but men are in harms' way with osteoporosis as well. Their risks of osteoporosis side-effects are even higher than women, but men are found to be even less educated about osteoporosis than women.
Osteoporosis prevention and treatment tips from exercise, nutrition (not just Vitamin D3, calcium citrate, manganese, etc., but also overall nutrition pointers for osteoporosis patients who have back pain), lifestyle and the new osteoclast-inhibiting drugs are presented as to their effectiveness as well as, in the case of the new osteoclast-inhibiting drugs, their detriments to osteoporosis patients.
As he is known to do, Dr. Cox's audio discussion is well-referenced with medical literature journal references and made
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