Posting to Social Media - Facebook
Cox Technic Complete has hundreds and hundreds of pages to share with social media!
So much content! So good! 
So useful to get people to your website. 
To do this most efficiently, (1) be sure you have a BUSINESS PAGE for your practice then (2) pick a page from YOUR website, say "Non-Surgical Pain Relief with Chiropractic."
COPY the URL (the website page address - top of the page):
OPEN your FACEBOOK page.
WRITE  a little note to a NEW POST.
PASTE the URL ADDRESS. (A picture typically pulls in for you, too.)
ADD some hashtags. (#coxtechnic #chiropractic #backpain)
On a BUSINESS PAGE, you can SCHEDULE YOUR POST. (This makes it easy so you can prepare several posts at once! You have plenty of pages of content to post...daily for a couple years if you were so inclined!)
Click on DATE and TIME for your post to go live. Click SCHEDULE.
 Then click SCHEDULE NOW.
It will appear in your NEWSFEED when you set it to do so. Nice! So easy...especially if you just do a few Facebook posts in one sitting while you are thinking about it!
Contact Cirrus ABS or Julie if you need more info.