Professional Chiropractic Website Design
Cox Technic Complete® is the professional chiropractic website design program for the back pain and neck pain specialist. The Cox Technic Complete® chiropractic website design program stands out from other chiropractic website design programs with its focus on recent spinal pain research outcomes. Discussions for patients in this website program encourage them to seek chiropractic care that medical literature shows to be positive. Back end access to chiropractic research based education tools keeps the chiropractic physician up to date. From examination forms to patient education videos and handouts, the CTC chiropractic website design program allows subscribers to use similar tools and provide a baseline of care each can depend on when helping their patients. 
The Cox Technic Complete® chiropractic website design program has four main offerings:
  1. the search engine optimized website individualized and personalized for each subscriber
  2. office resources that are downloadable and ready to use (exams, exercises, information sheets, videos, etc.)
  3. discounts of 25% on webinars and seminars and online CE courses (for select states)
  4. patient newsletter personalized and sent automatically each month to your patient email list 
Certainly geared for certified Cox® Technic physicians' use, the CTC program is appropriate for chiropractic physicians who wish to set themselves apart as competent back pain specialists and their practices apart as the spine care centers in their communities. 
"Cox Technic Complete has been well received by our patients as an up-to-date resource for the management of spine disorders. Very well done and comprehensive. A must have for any Cox Technic practitioner." - Dr. Dean Greenwood
Trust the Cox® Technic team to continue the tradition for which Dr. James Cox is recognized - the latest and most current research references - to enhance your chiropractic practice online and off. Trust the Cirrus ABS team to be sure your CTC website Sign up today for the CTC chiropractic website design program to see how your online and offline reputation will flourish. Contact us for more information.