Q&A - Reviews Management Option
As a follow up to the offer for adding REVIEWS MANAGEMENT to the Cox Technic Complete program, here are some answers to common questions:
How often is a request for a review sent to patients?   
This is entirely up to the doctor. You can send them out for every new patient, or all patients. The review module creates a link that can be included in whatever CRM process the doctor uses, but the system itself does not send out the review request. 

How does it send the request-to their phone via text or email? 
It can be sent through e-mail or text. 

What does request look like? 
The link goes to a landing page that pre-screens the patient (good/bad experience) then takes them to a review survey (good or bad review) or to a customer service form. After completing the review survey, the thank you page then asks them to share their review online and whatever review sites are configured for that program (doctors can pick out what sites they want the review to go to). 

Do they also ask for testimonials to be sent to my email so I can add them to my website? 
It’s important to understand that reviews cannot be used as testimonials. Testimonials can only be found on the website while reviews can be posted on multiple sites. 
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