Social Media Tips - What NOT To Do!
Cox Technic and Cirrus ABS are partners bringing the Cox Technic Complete program to the chiropractic back pain specialists utilizing Cox Technic Flexion Distraction in their chiropractic practices. Cox Technic Complete supports these doctors online and offline to grow their practices and their chiropractic knowledge of spinal conditions and their care.
On that note, let's talk about the Cirrus ABS professionals who keep the online aspect of the program humming with search engine optimization and the like. Cirrus has some very creative folks who work alongside the very talented computer-savvy folks. Today, we'd like to share Kevin Mullett.
Kevin is a social media master. (Just follow him on Twitter @kmullett. He is a busy guy!) He uses social media outlets galore. He has gained a reputation in the social media world for his work. He recently was invited to present at the AllFacebook Conference in San Francisco. Instead of telling everyone what to do, Kevin's unique nature captured attention due to his telling them what not to do.
Check out Kevin's slide show presentation in total or just read the summary of the top 10 social media tips not to do lest you might fail at social media.
Cirrus ABS is available to answer any questions about stepping foot into the world of social media that you might have as a subscriber of the CTC chiropractic website program that is so much more than a website program (downloads, continuing education discounts, and more).
Cirrus ABS + Cox Technic + You = differentiating the Cox Technic back pain specialist online and off