SSL Certificates Added
If you haven't heard...
Google wants "HTTPS" on all website URLs. HTTPS indicates that your website is "safe and secure." Having HTTPS will positively affect website rank.

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How is this done? 
With an SSL certificate added to your CTC site. (SSL = secure socket layer)

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Cirrus ABS has a system to do add this, maintain this, and spread the cost out monthly instead of one lump sum annually. 

Beginning in October 2017, Google is now mandating SSL security on all websites or it will label your website as "unsecure" (SSL is best identified by the "https" rather than "http" prefix in your web address). Having an unsecured website also negative affects your search engine rankings and site speed.
To prevent CTC websites from showing this error, Cirrus ABS will begin rolling out SSL to all CTC websites beginning in October for $25/month beginning November 1, 2017. There is no upfront or setup fee associated with this upgrade. Cirrus will install obtain the certificates, install, and maintain them for CTC subscribers.   

This is keeping ahead of the curve!