The Back Pain Specialist is In Demand
Back pain specialists are highly sought after today. With 80% of all of us suffering with back pain at some point, we all need back pain specialists. Now the back pain specialist who is conservative, cost-effective, offers evidence-based care with research-documented clinical outcomes is the physician ready to accept and help these back pain sufferers. The key is getting the word out to them. That's where Cox Technic Complete comes into play.
From back and neck pain to related arm and leg pain, Cox Technic Complete focuses its message on how chiropractic helps these issues. Getting these patients into the chiropractic flexion-distraction physician's office is the first step. Relieving the pain is the second followed closely by the third step, wellness and healthy living tips. But the patients want pain relief first and often think of the chiropractor when they have back and neck pain.
So Cox Technic Complete focuses on getting the word out each week about how chiropractic and spinal manipulation are effective and fit into the healthcare model, and not only fit into the model, but is being pulled into it. Today's insurance payers like the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center are demanding that conservative means of back pain relief are exhausted before referral for surgery is made. Chiropractic and/or physical therapy is one of these means!
Cox Technic Complete tells the world via your personalized, customizable website and shares the gems about spinal manipulation and its clinical outcomes and growing demand via the downloadable resources and discounted seminars and webinars offered through Cox Technic.
Contact us today for a personal online tour or an on-demand tour you may watch at your leisure. Then sign up today to get started being recognized as the back pain specialist in your community.