The Program of Cox Technic Complete Is So Much More Than "Just a Website"
Cox Technic Complete is just that...complete.
Cox Technic Complete is complete with information for patients and healthcare colleagues as well as for the chiropractic physician.
The information is disseminated in two ways: direct to the doctor and direct to the public / patient / colleague.
The chiropractor subscriber directly accesses downloadable content to use offline:
  • powerpoint® presentations to give to public groups and to patients and to healthcare colleagues
  • information sheets in full color to print and give away
  • postcard files to print and mail to your community
  • newspaper ad files to publish in your local newspaper
  • magazine ad files
  • radio ad audios
  • exercise forms
  • and much more...

The Cox Technic Complete subscriber directly communicates with the public online:

  • new feature articles each month
    • treatment
    • nutrition
    • exercise
    • spine
  • hyperlinked references to original sources for all sources
  • actual patient clinical case reports for spinal conditions treated with Cox Technic
  • patient newsletter sent to your patient email list automatically
  • gorgeous graphics of spinal conditions
  • inviting 3D animations of spinal conditions
  • interactive quizzes for the patient to get an idea of what might be wrong...and show them how you can help!
  • callouts to contact your office for an appointment
  • and much more...

Contact Cox Technic Complete's Angie (260-443-7904 or Julie (260-637-6609 for more information.