Up-to-the-Moment Back Pain Research
Keywords like back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain and chiropractic abound on every page of a Cox Technic Complete website right alongside the subscribers's logo and phone number. The content is written weekly using one of the latest in spine care research studies and personalized for a back pain patient audience to understand and consult with the chiropractic physician for relief of spine pain related issues. 
Every article is well referenced with links to each reference embedded in the article. The references are pubmed, peer-reviewed articles. These are high-quality spine research articles explaining how chiropractic is effective, cost-effective, and pain relieving. The articles come from the collection of research studies by Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox Technic, who insists on all information being well-referenced and as current as possible. Now that isn't to say that classic spine research papers are ignored. Not at all! Often these will re-appear in articles tied to a new research study that is related. 
Cox Technic Complete subscribing chiropractic doctors will find this chiropractic website program up-to-date, current and relevant to their practices and their patients in addition to Google and online search engines that insist on current, updated often, search-engine optimized content . Cox Technic Complete delivers.