Cox Technic Complete: The Complete Chiropractic Website Program on YouTube
5-in-1 Chiropractic Website Program
The Cox Technic Complete program offers 5 chiropractic tools in 1 program: website, downloadable forms, discounts on seminars, discounts on webinars, and patient e-newsletters.
2-for-1 Chiropractic Website Program
CTC offers an unbeatable 2-for-1 chiropractice website program that gets you patients and helps you retain your current patients. Education is key to enhance your patients' chances of clinical success and pain relief.
Social Media Tips - What NOT To Do!
Cirrus ABS' social media guru presented at the AllFacebook Conference. Check out his tips for success in social media to build your reach online, tips you can use to build exposure for your Cox Technic Complete website.
The Recorded Webinar of Dr. James Cox and Mark Burke is Now Available
Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox Technic, and Mr. Mark Burke, COO of Cirrus ABS, discuss the importance of differentiation in chiropractic and on the internet.
WEBINAR on a Key to Success: Differentiation in Clinic & Online - August 17
Differentiation sets you and your practice apart. Dr. Cox shares tips on how chiropractic in-clinic care differentiates the chiropractic back pain specialist. Mark Burke discusses the importance of differentation and localization in online and offline practice branding. Julie Cox-Cid shows how Cox Technic Complete brings all of this together.
Free Webinar: The Chiropractic Content-Filled Website of the CTC Program - August 23
Join Julie Cox-Cid for a quick 30-minutes tour of the eye-catching part of the Cox Technic Complete program, the content-filled, ready-for-personalization website.
Free Webinar: Cox Technic Complete Resources Go Beyond A Website - August 4
Tour of Cox Technic Complete's Website Portion of the Program - July 21
Julie Cox-Cid gives a tour of some key elements of the Cox Technic Complete program's website portion.
Free Webinar with Dr. James Cox and Julie - June 16, 2011
Dr. Cox discusses Cox Technic, chiropractic stats, and patient cases and Julie shows how all this great info is integrated into the CTC program to enhance your online presence. Join us!
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