eMail Campaigns

Reach Out to More Spinal Pain Relief Patients!
With our optional email campaign management program, you have an unprecedented opportunity to reach far more spinal pain relief patients in your practice area. Email lets you ...
Email Campaign Strategy & Email Marketing Campaigns
  • deliver your message quickly
  • target different groups with ease
  • track responses and measure ROI with greater accuracy
  • analyze results in real time
  • build ongoing relationships with your chiropractic patients and colleagues – in ways not possible with any other medium

We’ll guide you in setting up an email campaign management program that addresses your specific practice needs …

  • segmenting targeted recipients and sending a unique, personalized message to each, based on his or her profile information – a technique proven to increase response significantly
  • building “permission” email lists and managing them
  • delivering your message instantly to your targeted spinal pain relief patients
  • creating and sending eye-catching enewsletters (HTML and text), announcements, and promotions
  • tracking email campaign results more comprehensively than ever before
  • giving you instant feedback on campaign effectiveness, including information on who's received the message, who's opened it, and who's responded to its call to action
  • readily surveying email recipients and getting direct feedback from them

Contact COX TECHNIC COMPLETE™. We know how to help chiropractors get the results their practices need from email.