Graphic Design & Production

Make Your Chiropractic Marketing Materials Pop!
COX TECHNIC COMPLETE® offers chiropractors the optional services of a professional design team that knows how to produce marketing materials that get results.
What can a great design and well thought out graphics do for your practice’s marketing materials? They can ...
  • boost visual appeal, adding the kind of interest to every element that keeps your patients and colleagues coming back for more
  • clarify important points and even replace long-winded written explanations
  • make the complex relationships between various bits of chiropractic data more understandable
  • reinforce your brand identity as a Cox® Technic spinal pain relief professional
  • raise your credibility
  • position your practice as the "go-to" source of information about spinal pain relief and other chiropractic matters

Our designers can create ...
  • custom graphics
  • logos
  • online flash elements
  • videos
  • and whatever else it takes to make your chiropractic marketing materials more visually compelling
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