Writing Services

Looking for a Professional to Write Your Chiropractic Marketing Content?
We offer the optional services of professional writers who'll bring decades of award-winning advertising, marketing, and branding experience to your chiropractic marketing needs. Their skills are far-ranging, too, encompassing everything from basic copywriting to original, motivationally compelling work that reflects the highest standards of creativity. They can help give dramatic testament to your stature as a Cox® Technic spinal pain relief practitioner.
They also know how to write for various media, providing solid concepts and engaging text for ...
  • websites
  • e-newsletters and email campaigns
  • blogs
  • print catalogs, brochures, advertising
  • radio and TV spots
  • direct mail
  • press releases
  • magazine feature articles
  • data sheets
  • point-of-purchase materials
  • signage/posters
  • billboards
  • conference speeches and skits
  • video and film scripts
  • multimedia presentations
We bill our writing services at an hourly rate, providing an up-front estimate of the writing time your project will require. Since every practice has different needs, we customize our writing services and our billing accordingly. Need a bit of a cost break? We can accommodate you – by letting you buy time in blocks. The bigger the block you buy, the greater the discount.
No matter how much time you buy, you can count on our writers for chiropractic content that perfectly speaks to your audience ... and moves that audience to action.
Contact COX TECHNIC COMPLETE®. Whatever your writing needs, we have the write solution.