Why Cox Technic Complete®

It's a Chiropractor's Marketing Support Dream!

There's never been an easier way to take your practice farther than with COX TECHNIC COMPLETE®.

First of all, this remarkable new chiropractic marketing program takes into account the complexities and increasing competitiveness of today's market. Then, it factors in the ever-increasing Web audience as well as the growing popularity of online social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Trying to deal with all this yourself can be dauntingly demanding. We understand. Which is why COX TECHNIC COMPLETE® has prepared everything for you. And we’ve purposed it to showcase your name, your logo, your branding – right alongside the Cox® name, a name universally recognized in the field of spinal pain relief.

Result? You can devote less time, effort, and money to marketing … and concentrate more on caring for your patients - a growing number of patients!


  • a new, PERSONALLY BRANDED WEBSITE designed to get you found online for offering Cox® Technic flexion-distraction and decompression
  • comprehensive Cox® PRACTICE SUPPORT, including all kinds of office and business forms, patient information materials, and other promotional/educational items, postcards, ads, etc.
  • discounted Cox® CERTIFICATION COURSES, plus a free subscription to “Cox® Research Pearls,” and free online access to “Dr. Cox Presents …” talks

  • advanced Cox® MARKETING TOOLS - among them online search engine optimization (SEO), online social marketing tools and support, radio, TV, and print ads, and press releases
  • PATIENT E-NEWSLETTERS sent out for you each month automatically (email format and a WORD format to your admin site to personalize/print/handout). These feature short descriptions of the month's most exciting and relevant news for back pain and neck pain patients.
  • PERSONALIZED REFERRAL DIRECTORY PAGE, an authoritative backlink for certified Cox Technic physicians who are CTC subscribers, is included. 

Check out all the features. Then contact COX TECHNIC COMPLETE® to get started right away on one of the most exciting marketing ventures you may ever have undertaken for your practice.